How To Put A Static Amazon AStore Page On WordPress

I have played around with this and had disaster-

All I wanted was a separate page with no widgets or sidebars of anything and be able to fit the Amazon store page to my blog-Shit this was a process that really bugged me-I found this guys blog that really helped me –

His site click here So I decided to put a 5 min video how to do this-I learn’t this from the site mentioned I have just tried to make it easier for you to implement.

So below is a code you need to set up using notepad and save as  astore.php to your desktop – you will then need to upload this to your server using cute or free ftp severs in the WP- Content/Themes Folder-then into the theme you are currently using -This folder is found in public.html and under your blog domain name. However read below before you upload as there is a line of code to change first.

Below is the code-you will need to change one thing-so read the complete post, really easy to do–

Click here to get note pad code Then copy and save code on notepad, save as – astore.php – we need to change one line after we have set up our astore on Amazon which is the Inline form and will look like–

<iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”4000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Log into your Amazon Associate page and select aStore.  This is where you will configure the look of your store and decide which products you want to promote.  You have a few options, one you  can manually choose the products for your store, or you can find a “listmania id” and use the item that are in the list you choose.  Personally, I would hand select my items manually.

Once your store is configured the way you want you will be given a choice on how you want your aStore to be displayed.  Choose the ‘Inline Frame’ then copy the code that is provided.

Very important step- paste the aStore code that you copied from your Amazon Associate page over the default code that you saved in note pad as astore.php file. Otherwise The code that is there will lead to my store. Once your new code is pasted over the default code, upload with ftp or C-Panel to your blog-WP-Content/Themes and drop the php file in there.

Your code from Amazon Should look like this–

<iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”4000″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>

Paste your in frame code over mine above,otherwise will put my site on your page



Navigate back to your WordPress dashboard and select “Page,” then “add new.”  Name this page Store or Shop or whatever you like.   Down below and to the right there should be a place to select a page template.  Use the drop down menu and select “Amazon Store or might be A store”  Now publish that page.

Now view the page on your browser- you should have your store looking ok-There is a large scrolling area below which is when your customer clicks on a product it will show lots of information,like reviews and information for the product.

My advice is you must have your own domain set up for WordPress– other wise a problem- Domains only cost  around $10 and hosting $10 a month for unlimited domains-from say Hostgator-not sending you there up to you to decide.

Here is a 5 min video

Here is a link to a Amazon store I set up on wordpress

Now I use Flexibility 2 theme which is free and has a great back end to change the appearance of the theme like colours, sidebars and heaps more.  Flexibility 2

Also this link is a free FTP Software called FileZilla

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