How To Start Making $20 A Day

Sounds what a dream might start with, however it is Doable.


Starting Out.

Let us start with some facts here. You might conceive a great website, looks great,  your friends think you are a genius, but you know there is no traffic to your site, and zero sales, result is misery..

So where have we gone wrong? We have not, however we presume a great website and unique content will go viral..Woo welcome to the real world.

Do not fade away here, just stay with me so can explain more, do not hit yourself around the head, lot of money spent and time, not a time to give up!

The Correct Niche

Choosing the right niche can either make or break your online success. Learn how you can find your hot niche and dominate it.

By definition, the word niche means A specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. This description makes sense for a blogger too as it illustrates the fact that this is at least partly a business decision. Ideally, your niche should also unveil a niche in the market – meaning that you’re meeting a demand that is as-yet unfulfilled. Of course, this isn’t something that every ‘niche’ website needs to accomplish but as you read on you’ll see there are definitely some parallels. Ideally your niche will also provide you with access to some niches in the market.

A popular piece of advice among writers is to ‘write what you know’. Granted, this advice is generally aimed at fiction writers and creative writers but it definitely still applies here. What does this mean? It means write something that you have experience in and write something that you enjoy and find interesting. In an ideal situation, you shouldn’t view writing your blog as ‘work’ at all. Rather it should be something that you actually enjoy and actively look forward to.

I have created a Ebook all about getting the correct niche to create a blog around using wordpress.The correct niche is vital to succeed to make money.

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